You Just Got To Be Right

I am a very grateful 1985 graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Samford is a very prestigious school. Not all of the graduates are. That word would not be used of this guy.

Concerning my years at Samford, I regret telling most of my professors that I don’t remember them or much they said.

Dr. Karen Joines is a professor that does come to mind. For one reason, Karen is a he. What was his folks thinking? Another reason I recall Dr. Joines is a story he told that is, perhaps, the best thing I learned in 4 years. Dr. Joines was my Hebrew professor for 2 years. Hebrew. It is acknowledged, little is in the memory bank. However, in the course of the courses he told a story about a squabble he had with a neighbor that lasted a long time. At the end of the story he looked at us and said something to this effect: “Men, you know what I learned through all this? It’s not such a big deal to be right.” That phrase crosses my mind quite often in various settings.

Now we know that being right about many things is crucial. Our view on Jesus, salvation, biblical morals, and other like matters, it is important to be right. I did not take Dr. Joines’ story to be about such eternal matters. His story was about things that in 2 weeks or 2 days wouldn’t really matter. Things in the long run that having to be right about, just isn’t worth it.

Many relationships from marriages to friendships have been ruined because of little things that one person was determined to be right about and the other person was determined to not give in on no matter what. Prove your point and destroy the relationship all for the ability to say, “I am right!”

This lesson has made a difference in my life and relationships. If it is not a matter of biblical truth and principle, be more humble and not a know-it-all. Why not try it in your relationships? Who knows, your waiter may give you better service, your spouse may give you better attention, and your neighbors may not hide from you when they see you in public.

As I think about my 4 years at Samford; that sure was an expensive lesson. My parents would say, “Son, you are right about that!


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